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In today’s day and age, we’re all trying to save as much money as we can, sometimes we cut corners to save that little extra, but it’s important to remember that some things are worth the investment. One such investment is the cleanliness of your home. While opting for cheaper cleaning services might seem like a smart move initially, the long-term consequences can lead to a cycle of frustration, wasted time, and ultimately, higher costs. We believe that the phrase “buy it cheap, buy it often” holds more truth than you might think.


The Illusion of Savings

It’s easy to be enticed by the lower price tags of budget cleaning services. After all, who wouldn’t want to save a few pounds? However, what might seem like a cost-effective choice in the short term can quickly become a costly mistake over time. By cutting corners, leading to inadequate cleaning and subpar results, this can translate into the need for more attention. Many cheaper offerings will also simply not do as they say. Either by lowering standards over time or not showing up at all. 

A rate has to be sustainable for all concerned to work in the long term. The cleaning industry is  open to abuse, anyone can have a go… cash can be paid in hand, hence it’s wise to be sure who you are letting into your most prized possession, into your life! 

In these woke days it’s also worth pointing out that there might be cheap rates out  there but maybe they are not the right rates? Taxes, National and Personal insurance ought to be being paid somewhere in the equation, and in a longer term relationships,  holiday, sick  pay and pension arrangements shouldn’t be ignored by either party either.


Quality Over Quantity


At Done and Dusted, we believe that quality should never be compromised. When you invest in a high-quality cleaning service, you’re investing in more than just a spotless home – you’re investing in your own peace of mind, your valuable time, and your overall well-being. Our team of dedicated professionals go above and beyond to provide a thorough, comprehensive cleaning experience that leaves your home truly clean for longer.


What is the right rate?

If you are not paying VAT then the business you are dealing with has a turnover of less than £85k. In cleaning terms this means there are only 2-3 staff involved. Is this the bandwidth and back up you need? will 2-3 people be able to cover sickness / absence and staff turnover? An agency can create the impression of being larger and avoiding VAT, but here check the small print -the cleaner will then work for you not them, and the agency will do little to resolve issues or take liability in times of strife.

National minimum wage is currently £10.42. It is projected to rise to as much as £11.43 by April 2024. But also remember an employer will need to pay NI + Holiday pay + sick pay on top of this. 

In practice this adds 25% to the costs. 

With Herts being a Southern County and close to London we have found in practice that good staff will only be retained at rates well over min wage. At these levels it’s easy to see that a good cleaner will cost £15/hr+ before VAT. And this is before considering other business costs ( e.g. insurance / travel / advertising / recruitment / training etc).

Self- employed isn’t any better, in the end most of the same taxes are due one way or another and beware contractual sensitivities over personal / professional liability /insurance etc too.   

It’s really not hard to see that rates offered to clients lower than £20 are not likely to be operating on a sustainable basis, and probably not even legal or indeed ethical for the cleaners concerned. Clients understandably put honesty and trust high up their list of qualities. Honest people pay their taxes.    


The Time and Money Saver

Contrary to the “clean it cheap, clean it often” notion, investing in a quality cleaning service saves you time and money in the long run. With our meticulous approach, we ensure that every nook and cranny is cleaned to perfection. A single thorough cleaning session from Done and Dusted can provide longer-lasting results, giving you more time to focus on the things you love.

When it comes to the cleanliness of your home, it’s important to see beyond the allure of cheap services. While they may promise savings initially, they often lead to a cycle of frustration, wasted time, and repeated costs. 

Investing in high-quality cleaning offers more than just a clean living space – it offers you a cleaner, simpler, and more enjoyable life, and you have the peace of mind that you are doing it the right way,  staff are employed and paid legally, ethically for the long term, and for the good of all concerned.