Covid-19 Update: We are currently open for business and able to take new bookings. We are working in line with government guidelines to provide a safe service for our staff and customers.


On this page we have tried to answer any questions you might have about our cleaning service. We hope you find it helpful but if you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How many hours do I need?

A useful rule of thumb is number of bedrooms = number of hours per week but this is very much affected by your own cleaning schedule preferences as well as the number of occupants and/or children/cats/dogs and/or any other residents you may have. We are very happy to provide the number of hours you ask for but if we feel it’s not enough or, indeed, too many we will advise you and then review together to reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

Our watchwords are ‘quality, quality, quality’ and we cannot compromise the 5* service we provide. Our minimum visit is 3 hours. Excellent cleaning takes time and you can be sure we will provide a premium service in whatever amount of time you request.

What time will my cleaner arrive?

We cannot guarantee a time of arrival as our cleaners often travel by public transport and at rush hours  etc. We are happy to suggest an approx time and to try and work within an “AM /PM” promise but we cannot run an appointment service with the best will in the world

Do i get the same cleaner each week?

Yes for our regular weekly cleans we will try to maintain this. No for the ad-hoc service we have to change cleaner/day/time to suit our schedule.

Why do your rates vary?

Our pricing is affected by a number of factors. Chiefly, these are day of the week, frequency of service, location and flexibility of timing and/or resourcing. There are no hard and fast rules as such but Thursday & Friday tend to be slightly more expensive as well as out of town/village locations as they incur more travelling time and costs.

If you can be flexible on the time of day, the occasional change of day and are happy to accept a 2-person cleaning team that is extremely helpful to us and usually allows us to provide the service at the basic rate.

Do you do spring cleaning?

Absolutely! Loads! Spring cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning are hard work and so is usually charged at £25.00 per hour. We have experience of cleaning holiday and student lets as well as tenant and owner-occupier changeovers.

If a property has been very severely neglected over a long period of time we may need to charge a higher rate per hour but that is extremely exceptional.

Experience has taught us that we cannot give fixed quotes or a set number of hours for spring cleaning as jobs vary enormously and it is impossible to get the estimate right every time. Our preference is to give a minimum quote with an option to extend if necessary. Ideally, we ask you to be on hand on the day so that you can inspect the work done and authorise further hours as required.

Do you only do cleaning?

No ~ we do a lot of ironing as well! Not to mention professional steam cleaning of carpets. And because our cleaners develop such good relationships with our customers we are occasionally asked to do other things such as babysitting, laundry and helping at social functions.

What services can my cleaner not provide (for insurance and/or safety reasons)?

-lifting heavy items

-cleaning exterior areas eg windows (we are not insured)

-cleaning up after pet mess

-mould/damp damage (we will do our best but cannot promise!)

Can my cleaner provide vacuum or mop etc?

We appreciate it sometimes seems easy for us to cover a broken/absent piece of equipment but our cleaners have a busy schedule and often travel from client to client by bus so i’m afraid this just isn’t practical/possible

What areas do you cover?

We are based locally in Welwyn Garden City/Hatfield and cover the surrounding area from St Albans to Stevenage including Welwyn, Knebworth, Codicote, Panshanger, Hatfield, Harpenden, Elstree, Borehamwood and Radlett.

What is my commitment?

We have a simple agreement with a few straightforward terms and conditions, we ask only for 7 days notice for a cancellation without payment.

To terminate the service permanently we ask for 7 days notice within the first 3 months of contract, rising to 4 weeks notice after this period.

What happens when I go on holiday?

We ask for as much notice as possible and at least a week for a no charge cancellation. And we hope you have a lovely break! Equally there may be times when our cleaners’ holiday or other personal commitments mean it is not possible for us to provide a substitute and we hope you will understand. We will always try to send an alternative cleaner when your regular cleaner is unavailable if you want us to.

What happens if my cleaning day falls on a Public Holiday?

If your clean falls on a Public Holiday we will consider that visit cancelled. We will of course attempt to provide cover on another day in the same week or as close to as possible – should you require this. However, please do note that this is by mutual arrangement and capacity can be limited especially at Xmas/New year.

My children’s bedrooms are usually a mess ~ is that a problem?

We take little (as well as big) people’s clutter in our stride and are perfectly happy to tidy up. But we do ask you to consider whether you want to pay us to tidy or to clean. As always, it’s entirely up to you but we hope you will appreciate that time spent tidying/clearing up is then not available for cleaning.

Do you have to come to my home before you start cleaning for me?

Generally, no. We are very happy to take bookings by phone  07581 790425 or by email We always say the first cleaning service is a trial on both sides and it is always your decision if you want to continue with it. We can do a survey visit if you feel it is necessary in order to assess the service you need.

Do I need to be in my home for you to clean?

We would prefer to hold a key as this ensures we will always be able to gain access in case you are busy or absent.  For regular cleaning you can also either leave keys in a key safe or another safe location for collection.

For one off cleans we ask for someone to be present to allow our cleaners in to the property. They can then lock and post the keys through the letter box if you do not wish to stay.

Do your cleaners wash the dishes?

Our cleaners will clean up any left over dishes from the morning if required. This can include hand washing or loading them in to the dishwasher. If you do not wish for our cleaners to do this then please let us know.

Please also be aware that any time spent cleaning/tidying dishes will eat in to the total cleaning time available.

Are your cleaners okay with pets?

We ask you to tell us if you have a pet so we can ensure we provide you with cleaners who are happy to work around pets. Most of our cleaners are absolutely fine with all pets so this is not a problem.

Can I give specific instructions?

You are more than welcome to provide specific instructions if you want specific areas to be focused on. We ask that you limit this to a maximum of three specific instructions per clean so that our cleaners are able to fulfil their usual tasks. Please be aware that time spent on other jobs will mean less time on the overall cleaning of your home. We would prefer that all important instructions are emailed to us as confirmation and to avoid misinterpretation.

What do I need to provide the cleaner with?

Unless you are using our eco-clean service you will need to provide the following items for our cleaners:

  • Mop and bucket
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning products – e.g. bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner
  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponges and cloths
  • Toilet cleaner/bleach and brush
  • Washing up liquid – if dishes need washing

Are you insured?

Very much so! You may see our insurance certificate here.

What payment methods do you take?

We prefer online payment which is very simple and straightforward. We send you our bank details and ask you to set up a regular standing order so that payment clears into our bank account on the day the cleaning is done. You retain total control at all times and can stop a payment or cancel whenever you wish. If you prefer not to pay us electronically we ask for cash as there is an administrative cost for cheques.