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In a world where quick fixes and temporary solutions often dominate, finding a service that prioritises honesty, integrity, and long-term results is a true gem. Enter Done and Dusted, your trusted domestic cleaning company in Hertfordshire, England. In a sea of superficial solutions, Done and Dusted stands out by offering more than just a fleeting shine – we’re committed to making your cleaning problems disappear for good.


Built on Honesty and Integrity


At Done and Dusted, the cornerstone of their approach is honesty and integrity. We believe in open communication, transparent pricing, ethical employment and a genuine dedication to your cleaning needs. Unlike companies that focus on flashy gimmicks or cheap pricing, Done and Dusted ensures that every client interaction is based on trust. From the very first consultation to the final sweep, you can count on their team to deliver what they promise, and more.


Not Just Another ‘Quick Fix’ Service


We’ve all encountered cleaners that just swoop in, tidy up and leave behind a sense of dissatisfaction as we wonder how long the clean appearance will last. or the cleaners that do ok first few visits but then slip into decline in effort or no-shows and excuses, or ever changing time slots and cleaner- substitutes. Or worse.

Done and Dusted break this cycle by going beyond the surface. We understand that true cleanliness isn’t achieved by simply wiping down surfaces or vacuuming floors. Instead, we dive deep to address the root causes of dirt, grime, and clutter and understand your specific needs. 

Moreover, it’s about providing consistency visit after visit, and when problems are encountered – confronting and solving them constructively, not shrugging or disappearing into the night.

A thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience combines a good cleaner with effective client communications, efficient travel logistics and materials planning…. and a good “plan B” for when the unexpected occurs.  


Eliminating Your Cleaning Challenges for Good

We will adapt our service to your home and your families needs, any reasonable internal domestic chore can be in scope. We will do our best to look after the cleaner with excellent pay and conditions, ethical practices towards holiday, sick pay  and pension. Staff are happy in their work and are proud to do a good job. They tend to stay with us for a long while. When the time does come to replace or rotate them, we will work hard to ensure this is a seamless and painless process.   


A Lasting Difference 


In the local world of cleaning services, Done and Dusted stands as a beacon of integrity, honesty, and lasting results. We don’t settle for superficial cleaning or short term solutions. Instead, we dive deep into your cleaning challenges and make them disappear for good. 

With Done and Dusted, you’re investing in a long term relationship with a cleaner, healthier, and happier living space that you can truly enjoy, day in and day out. You can also rest assured that you are helping the local economy and that your personal cleaner has a safe and secure future too. Say goodbye to waiting for the next week’s cleaning session – Done and Dusted is here to make your cleaning worries a thing of the past.