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Eco Cleaning Services

We are pleased to offer an Eco service for those keen to utilise environmentally friendly products in the cleaning process of their residence. We are pleased to have teamed up with several leading suppliers in this area to offer a solvent free and plastic conscious service.


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Our Eco Friendly Cleaning Service

With our eco cleaning service we will either store a supply of Eco cleaning products at your location or bring them with us on each visit. We will still need your equipment and cloths. 

The suppliers offer various benefits but on the whole we focus on:

  • kindness to the environment
  • free of animal testing
  • use of biodegradable plastic
  • less harsh chemicals for skin and allergies

All of the products we use are safe to use around kids and pets and are odour free.

Why Choose An Eco Clean Service?

Better For The Environment

Natural cleaning products are better for the environment. Many standard cleaning products contain chemicals such as alkylphenol ethoxylates that can incredibly harmful for wildlife if it ends up in polluted water.

Natural Products Contain Fewer Allergens

Many chemicals in standard cleaning products contain allergens and can cause irritation. Synthetic fragrances are also found to cause respiratory or sinus irritations which natural ingredients do not cause.

Not Tested On Animals

Natural and eco cleaning products are typically speaking not tested on animals. All of the natural cleaning products we use have not been tested on animals and are therefore our preferred cleaning products of choice as they are ethically sound.